Is VAL Agile?

April 24, 2020

The year was 2001 when 17 technologists sat down to discuss the problems their teams were facing while developing products. Younger hands may not remember but, back then, a methodology known as the ‘Waterfall Methodology’ dominated the software development process. This particular practice required a large amount of documentation, planning and detailing before any coding could start. While it may have aided some in developing their product, the process often took years and often delayed projects, resulting in companies running out of funds before starting product development.

Recognising the problems at the time, the 17 individuals penned down four major principles that they needed to abide by:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

And, thus the Agile Manifesto of Software Development was born and, with it, the age of modern software development commenced.

What is Agile?

Born from the need to expedite processes while delivering quality products, the Agile methodology is a management process which encourages teams to break down the development process into several stages, each involving constant collaboration with stakeholders and continuous improvements.

Agile Prcoess Source: Agile Project Management Methodology — Manifesto, Frameworks and Process

While the work may be segregated amongst several teams, teams should not be working in silos. As such, collaboration and teamwork is one of the key aspects of the Agile methodology. According to the Agile methodology, all projects should start with a client describing how the end product will be used. This is so that all members of the team will be clear on the customer’s expectation and their own deliverables.

Due to the fast-paced nature of the process, teams who practice this methodology often come face-to-face with last minute changes in their product. To ensure that all teams working on different parts of the process can accommodate these changes, an open channel for communication amongst team members and project stakeholders are the pinnacle of the Agile Methodology’s success.

Becoming Agile For VAL

Starting out as a small start up in Singapore, ThinkVAL was at a natural disadvantage when creating our all-in-one operational database, VAL. With fundings and resources alarmingly scarce at all times, we were left with no choice but to expedite processes and product development. But, while we knew that time was of the essence, we were also wary of the mistakes and bugs that could be overlooked when fast-tracking plans.

As such, we turned to the Agile Methodology. By segregating and distributing tasks to different teams, ThinkVAL was able to deliver a fully functional application that could be used by large corporations and individuals within just a few months. While this may sound like a simple success, the journey was arduous and, often times tumultuous. From communication breakdowns to the current Covid-19 situation, ThinkVAL was forced to adapt and adopt other communication tools to aid us in our mission to provide you with the tools to bloom your business.

Fortunately for us, VAL was also designed to aid companies in collaboration. As such, whenever we needed to share assets of content views, we were able to turn to VAL to aid us. By using VAL extensively during this time, we were also able to locate and solve more bugs and issues that would have been normally overlooked.

While the Agile methodology has become lost in a sea of modern day development jargon, often overshadowed by trendier terms like ‘DataOps’ and “DevOps”, it still continues to play a huge role in revolutionising and aiding modern businesses in developing their products. The new emphasis on teamwork, open communication and adapting to new changes was brought on by the Agile Methodology and has laid a foundation for newer and more influential practices that can help businesses to swiftly create and sell more products.

With the circuit breaker extended and collaboration on the verge of collapse due to problems associated with remote working, spending those extra minutes to improve team morale is crucial. One way to do this is by creating an idea board that allows all members of the team to pitch ideas and have their voices heard. With VAL’s FREE plan, you can not only allow your team members to input their own ideas into an on-cloud database, but also organise, categorise and track these ideas. If you think you want to learn more, feel free to contact us at @ThinkVAL on twitter or facebook and remember to check out our new plans for VAL which will be launching soon.

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