Data Driven Project Manager

March 27, 2020

Consider project managers agents of change. Major projects often hinge on a project manager’s ability to rally a team and utilise their strengths to create success. Many may misconstrue a project manager’s job as plain bossiness but, in all reality, juggling projects and managing a team is no small feat.

To truly perform well, an efficient project manager must be a practical, inspirational, responsible and business-driven. And, those are just the personality traits one must possess! Aside from those, these managers are also required to bolster the team’s skills, monitor projects’ secession rates and oversee clients- all while still creating and cultivating a flexible and cohesive plan that could stretch across many months. For any regular human, these tasks are not only daunting but mere impossible for a single individual to handle. And, yet, the ability to fulfil these tasks is what distinguishes between efficient and none efficient project managers.

Organisation Breeds Success

A reported 50% of projects by companies who do not value project management fail. The leading cause of this is disorganisation. A manager’s job is to manage. It sounds simple but in the cluttered world of big data and endless detailed reports, keeping organised is harder than it looks. After all, managers are often juggling several projects at one go, it is almost impossible for them to constantly file and tag their files in the correct folders.

Managers Are Not The I In Team

Collaboration is the key to any project’s success. While project managers often find themselves making major decisions, they are often times not the ones executing the necessary processes. This is why it is important to find competent team members. With that said, most projects do not fail due to incompetence. Instead, a lack of collaboration is what truly poisons a project.

Managers often work with a large team. Although ideal, it is very unlikely that team members are able to attend daily meetings and check ups to report on their progress. This is why it is impertinent that managers constantly keep team members in the loop so as to avoid repeated or unnecessary work. One of a project manager’s most important jobs is to create a positive and motivational environment for teams to do their best work. However, that is impossible without the ability to efficiently communicate and share files.

Opinions Are Not Facts

In the immortal words of American statistician, author and creator of several sampling techniques, W. Edwards Deming: “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion”. In the current world of big data, data has become a the commodity of the 21st Century. With major MNCs like Netflix, Amazon and Google using data to drive business decisions, more SMEs have decided to spend more time on data analysis in order to create more cohesive and effective business plans. This makes data an additional and crucial resource for project managers since it has the potential to predict and reveal previously invisible trends.

That said, the new age of data has also creates an additional problem for project managers who were not trained to manage the massive volumes of data they receive today. Without the ability to understand data, managers are unable to measure results and calculate the success rate of each individual action. This will result in wasted resources and blind planning which will only increase operational costs.

If you find yourself in this predicament, you are in luck! Many others who have also faced similar issues have come up with a modern solution: Digitalisation. While not completely eliminating the issue, digitalisation opens the doors for companies to utilise existing data analysis softwares that aid in filtering, maintaining and visualising data that they would otherwise be unable to use. So, make your project a success and start using VAL’s FREE plan now. If you think you want to learn more, grab a free coffee with ThinkVAL to learn more about how you can improve your business with the power of data.

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