Enterprise Support and Services

The additional services we provide to assist and expedite your adoption of VAL.

Enterprise Support and Services Policy

Last updated: February 1, 2020

This Enterprise Support and Services Policy (the “Policy”) governs THINKVAL’s provision of certain Additional Services in connection with its software and cloud offerings (“THINKVAL Products”). This Policy supplements the THINKVAL Terms of Services, THINKVAL Statement of Work or a written agreement executed by THINKVAL (each, the “Agreement”) and will control in event of a conflict with the Agreement relating to Additional Services. “you” means the person or entity with a license or subscription to THINKVAL Products as defined in the Agreement.

1. Enterprise Support. 

If Enterprise Support services are included in the applicable Order Form, the following terms will also apply:

1.1 Description of Enterprise Support Services. “Enterprise Support” refers to THINKVAL's Premium Support services. The description of the applicable Enterprise Support service, how it works, and coverage is located in the “Enterprise Support Offering Details” for such service, which will be provided along with the Order Form. Enterprise Support services are performed remotely via phone, screen shares, tickets, chat and other electronic means and will not include travel to or time spent on your site. Enterprise Support does not include any software or software upgrades. For the avoidance of doubt, services not included in the Offering Details are not Enterprise Support services.

1.2 Support Period. The Support Period will be indicated in your Order Form and will expire on the date indicated in your Order Form. Upon expiration of the Support Period, you will no longer have access to Enterprise Support. The Support Period may be renewed by mutual written agreement of the parties, but terms and conditions, including pricing, are subject to change.

1.3 Publicity. Upon mutual written agreement of the parties, you agree to be featured as the subject of a case study testimonial or white paper written by us as described in this Section 1.3. The testimonial or white paper will discuss your experience with Enterprise Support and may be published on our website, distributed in our marketing materials, or published in relevant media outlets. You will have the right to approve such materials in advance, such approval not to be unreasonably delayed or withheld.

2. VAL Professional Service. 

If VAL Professional Service are included in the applicable Order Form for VAL, the following terms will also apply:

2.1 Description of VAL professional services. (a) What is VAL professional service. The VAL professional service is an engagement to implement THINKVAL Products and show how THINKVAL Products will work with your data. The details of the professional service delivery shall be described in the THINKVAL Statement of Work entered into with THINKVAL and/or its affiliates.

2.2 Limits on VAL professional services.While we will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide services in a professional manner and to address your requests, we do not guarantee that we will resolve all requests.

2.3 Travel and Living Expenses. The resources delivering the VAL professional services may need to visit onsite to your offices to deliver portions of the service. Any travel and living expenses outside of Singapore will be invoiced directly to customer as incurred.