Demo Environment and Digital Marketing V1!

June 08, 2020

Our demo environment is live now!!

Digital marketing v1 provides you with insights of your website traffic and activities taking place across all social media platforms all in one place. Sign up for VAL and get access to our demo environment to see for yourself how we transform disparate data silo into actionable intelligence. If you want us to help you create the base to get started, fill up our short questionaire or reach out to us at We would do that for you at no extra cost.

This week, we will be starting a blog series on digital marketing, in this series, we will be sharing with you our experience working with various tools, explaining the different dimensions and metrics used in the digital marketing space and show you how we bring these data together in VAL and create insights that not only shed light on our marketing performance but what we need to do to be more effective.

Upon your signup, we will be sending you an invite to your email to join the demo environment. So signup now


About the author

Melvin is the founder of ThinkVAL with 15 years delivering large scale projects in the banking industry. He has a passion in using technology to create solutions that would aid in removing low-value repetitive tasks and solutions that would increase efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.