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We make data


VAL makes it easy for you to capitalise your data and transform it into fuel that super charge your business.

VAL (Value Aggregation Layer)

Offers a no-code customisable data platform packed with industry specific solutions

  • Your Data Hub

    Collect data from all your systems, documents or capture it directly in VAL with Google like form.

  • Your Data Robot

    Let us do the robotic work of manually aligning your data, enriching it and calculating complex metrics

  • Your Data Visualiser

    Convert hundreds of thousand rows of data into visually easy to consume charts

Data Hub

Leave no data behind

Collect data from all sources. APIs, databases, documents or use our inbuilt form to do that.
With data centralised, you break down the silos making all subsequent initiatives and ideas easier and faster to implement.

Data Robot

For once, there is a chance to get out of spreadsheet nightmare. Taking the most common used features in spreadsheet, we baked these capabilities into VAL so that you don't have to do it manually anymore.

Data Harmonisation

Align values across multiple systems automatically without writing code. Change the mapping as and when you need.

Data Enrichment

Automate the process of enriching your raw data either to segment your customer or extract value from text. Automate and let it run.

Data Calculation

Calculate your sales per manhour, conversion ratio, pro-rated sales target and many more metrics. Let us be your data calculator.

Data Visualiser

Data does not end with collection and processing. It needs to be presented in manner most relevant to the end consumer.

  • 100% access to all data captured in VAL or derived by VAL
  • 100% flexibility to define your own criteria and query
  • Create as many dashboards as you need and arrange it the way you want it
  • .........

    Mini Apps

    With enterprise-wide data sitting in a central location, there is an endless possibilities of how one might choose to use it. Mini Apps are built to satisfy specific operational or data consumption needs. It allows application to be created 10x faster and cheaper as the data complexity of creating apps no longer exist.

  • DataNet
  • Payment Reconciliation
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • General Ledger Entries Generation
  • F.A.Q

    Search our FAQ for answers to anything you might ask.

    VAL acts as your central database for all the data in your company. It is like dropbox just that it's data instead of files that VAL stores.

    VAL can consume any data from sales, procurement, marketing, etc. To start, you just need to let us know what systems you use and we can advice how we can connect to your systems or how we can scrap the data from your files.

    Yes we do, and we can even custom the uploader so that you do not need to perform any formatting before uploading it

    You will provide us the data either by providing access to your systems or providing data to us via spreadsheets. For API or database connectivity, you can intro us to your vendor and we will sort out the connectivity with them.

    We will create the integration for you at no charges and typically takes between 1 - 3 days depending on complexity of the integration.

    Depending on scope, VAL can be implemented as quickly as 1 to 2 weeks.

    As part of the subscription, we provide support services that covers bugs and issue resolution as well as small changes and tweaks you need to make

    It is refresh once a day in the morning.

    First, we always signed an NDA. Second, all your data are held in AWS and in your own private domain with no data intermingled between different company. Third, access to your platform, requires authentication and you can also use 2FA to further secure access.

    You own the data, we are just a custodian using the data to automate your processes and generate insights for you.

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