ThinkVAL launches SaaS Data Operations Solution

May 05, 2020

ThinkVAL launches SaaS Data Operations Solution “VAL” enabling businesses to onboard data analytics capability in 2 weeks

VAL is an all-in-one collaborative data solution that lets you operationalise your day-to-day work, optimise your assets and discover actionable insights through the power of data. It allows businesses to quickly implement a data operations solution quickly with minimal changes to the existing operational data flow.

ThinkVAL Process

Established in 2013 as a consultancy service, we oversaw many projects. During this time, the minds behind ThinkVAL recognized that many clients, across all industries, were plagued with inaccurate data due to factors like human error, data silos, manual gathering of data and insights creation for decision making. Born to remedy these issues, VAL was developed by the team as a user-friendly and holistic approach to data that would solve problems that current in-market applications could not. Currently, VAL is used in multiple large scale projects to aid organisations in optimising their data process, saving them time and money.

VAL is a collaborative data operations solution which helps to automate the data pipeline across different teams and create business and project analytics capabilities for companies with the following characteristics:

  • Data is maintained in different systems and spreadsheets
  • Data structure varies across departments and processes
  • Do not have readily available access to technical and data capabilities
  • Need ability to augment the current ecosystem without undergoing massive change

Please see below for some of the key features of VAL:

Data Capture

VAL enable users to define their data structure with no limitation and allows them to capture data directly in VAL. Through VAL, they can upload their data from spreadsheets or connect data from external systems via api integrations.


Data Adaptation

VAL data relations capability allows you to automatically create relations between different data sets, thus, allowing you to identify the status and movement between related data sets. Through this, you will also gain the ability to drill into the related data without juggling multiple datasets and tabs. Additionally, the automated data relations and calculation functions reduces the amount of manual work required for your employees.


Data Interaction

Built on the core principle of flexibility, VAL enable users to create the dashboard and analytics view they need on any of the fields available in their data sets, thus, giving users the ability to identify and gather insights that may have been hidden beneath the surface of their data. As an added bonus, this is all automated upon setup without the repetitive manual consolidation of data and manual data manipulation. This way, you only need to focus on maintaining the data that is relevant to you.


The flexibility does not end with visualisation. At the raw data level, VAL allows you to navigate your data in ways that you are familiar and comfortable with. This is further enhanced by some core spreadsheet capabilities to enables you to perform pivot tables, grouping of data and ad-hoc chart creation.


At ThinkVAL, we believe that data is a commodity and we have a strong belief that everything we do should be baked in pragmatism so as to enable a seamless adoption and integration. The ability to harness and utilise data effectively and efficiently is crucial to a company’s success. That is why we envision a future where every company has the power to access and utilise their data so that they can stay competitive and survive in the modern data-driven era.

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ThinkVAL is in it for the long haul. VAL is constantly evolving to provide what is required by our users, so that you will have even more integration options, dashboard functions and automation! So be sure to follow us at @ThinkVAL on social media (on twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn) or email us at

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