Meet the team behind VAL

VAL is a creation of passionate individuals making database without coding a reality. Signup now!
Melvin Wang
Founder / Managing Director

Its all about the journey we take with the people around us.
Ashish Kumar
Chief Technology Officer

If Data is the new (crude) Oil, our mission is to make thinkVal the refinery available to everyone.
Viviane Chew
Chief Marketing Officer

Tech is like fashion, change is the only constant.
Gene Dimanno

Life is too short to not try.
Zaki Sapuan

Being a barber is harder than being a programmer.
Hafiz Haziq aka Harris

Siti Nuramira

I only produce koality work.
Su Yi
Intern - Active

What about the pain of not achieving your goals?
Nicole Wang
Freelance Writer

Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.