How i ended up using VAL for tracking my marketing initiatives

May 18, 2020

It’s quite an exhilarating week. On the one hand, we are catering to the new prospects that reach out to us via our chat channel. On the other hand, we are thinking of what else we can do to create awareness and signups.

Over the weekend, it struck me that I needed a way to monitor all of these activities so that I can assess my action and determine what works and what does not. I need to quickly get in place some form of marketing analytics.

So I started formulating how I can get this initial view and evolve it over time. I needed the data to be centrally available, without doing loads of manual work as we can’t afford to do that given the small team I have.

The first thing I did is to itemized the systems where my data are residing in.

  1. Mailchimp - captures the signup for both VAL and our ThinkVAL newsletter
  2. Google Analytics - capture all analytics of our website.
  3. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter - our social marketing platform
  4. Intercom - our communication channel to both leads and existing VAL users
  5. VAL - capture all the marketing activities, events, and our content calendar

The second thing I identify is what do I want to know right now across all of this data being captured.

  1. What’s my conversion rate of visits to VAL signup
  2. How’s my marketing activities, events, and content driving VAL signup, followers, and visit across all my existing channels.

With the above two critical questions answered, I started integrating my data points into VAL to provide me the answers to the above questions that need to be answered.


Within a few hours, the dashboard is now in place. It’s not yet complete, as I have yet to bring in the data from Facebook, Twitter, and Intercom. However, now I do have insights available without me spending hours each day manually consolidating data and creating the view I need. At the same time, I can evolve it over time as VAL does not constrain my data evolution.

I hope this article provides you with some clear steps we took to get clarity and insights of our marketing initiatives post-launch and how easy it is to setup VAL for your needs. Reach out to me if you have any queries or need any help.

About the author

Melvin is the founder of ThinkVAL with 15 years delivering large scale projects in the banking industry. He has a passion in using technology to create solutions that would aid in removing low-value repetitive tasks and solutions that would increase efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.