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Companies use VAL to build tracking, analytics and automation solution using data, supercharging their growth.
Save yourself time and money.

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Track your company financial and operational health the same way as you would your personal health. Allowing you to take actions before it is too late.

Use out-of-the box data capabilities to implement solution quickly

VAL comes prebuilt with no-code data aggregation, data transformation and data visualisation capabilities packaged for your specific industry needs.

30 + solutions available from KPI tracking to production optimisation.

50 + brands uses VAL across their daily operational processes.

178 + outlet worth of data being processed by VAL everyday.

Analyst Team

Our friendly analyst will help you with anything.

Need help with aggregating data, calculate new metrics, or identify opportunities from your data?
We'll be there to lend a helping hand.

  • Yee Chieh

    Chief Business Analyst

  • Siti

    Project Management, Food Services and Beauty Analyst

  • Suyi

    Food Services and Retail Analyst

  • Darren

    Licensing and Food Services Analyst

  • Gloria

    Food Services Analyst

  • Joanne

    Food Services Analyst


    Customize your solution

    One size fits all, thats a myth.
    Everyone is unique and that is why our platform is fundamentally built on flexibility and no-code.
    Meaning you get what you need faster and adapted to your business.


    We love to add new integrations so that not only you benefit from it but the industry too

    Our mission is to provide the means for every company to aggregate their data centrally and thus if we don’t support the integration today, we will do it for free.

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    Who Loves our Work

    From startup to progressive SME and traditional companies have had fantastic experiences with ThinkVAL.
    Here’s what they have to say.
    Yi Sung Yong

    Creator of Grain and Atlas

    ThinkVAL is the data partner we wished we met and implemented with when we started Grain. Scaling and making sense of data is harder than most imagine and you want to get it right with a partner like them.

    Adrien Desbaillets

    Chief Executive Officer at SaladStop! Group

    ThinkVAL has played an instrumental part in our journey to become a more data driven company and empowering our team make informed and real-time decisions. VAL extracts data from multiple sources and clearly addresses the painpoints faced by most F&B operators

    Woon Tien Yuan

    Director at Nanyang Beverage / Killiney

    The system is great because right from the start, we were not forced to fit into a standard template format but instead the team, as well as the ThinkVAL systeme, were highly adaptable to our requests.

    Neal Rudge

    Partner at Pacific Licensing Studio

    ThinkVAL has been able to build a data retention, ordering and analysis system which is speeding up our administrative & finance functions as well as giving us useful insights into our business which we can then apply to improve the quality of our downstream licensees and product sell through.

    Ee Leong Ong

    VP Operations & Projects at Cockpit International

    No brained solution, F&B owners must be stupid not to use Thinkval

    Dave Lim

    Director Group Technology at Spa Esprit Group

    In just 2 months, we have save 4 days a month and freeing up the team capacity for higher value work within a single team. This is just the start and we are looking forward to greater time savings as we expand usage across all teams and enabling business to use the insights to make better decisions to optimise revenue and cost.

    Everything your company could need.

    We make sure to include all the data features, capabilities and end solutions that a growing business could possibly need.
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